Winter Star Shooter
Christmas Star Shooter is a small Christmas game where you should shoot down stars and collect the dust they leave behind. You should also destroy any incoming space rocks before they hit your cannons or your Santas helpers. In this bubble shooter/missile defender mixed type of game, stars and rocks fly over the sky in various patterns and your challenge is to hit as many as possible.

When stars are destroyed, they turn into star dust that fall to the ground. To help you collect star dust and power-ups, you have Santas helpers to assist. Besides stars and space rocks, you can also shoot down coins that appear for bonus points.

The game consists of a number of stages with a number of levels of increasing difficulty. As you progress through the levels, you will be able to have multiple star cannons, multiple Santas helpers, and more. Are you ready to collect some star dust?
The game features:
  • 60 levels of increasing difficulty
  • Game statistics
  • Sound effects
  • Power-ups

Winter Star Shooter
Winter Star Shooter
Winter Star Shooter

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