Sum it Up
Sum it Up is a number puzzle where you should combine chains of blocks with numbers to match target sums and products. You are challenged with over 100 levels of increasing difficulty. You can also play in classic mode where the number board is kept constantly filled, or you can play in drop-down mode where you should try to keep the board as clean as possible.

You may play Sum it Up in dominance mode online against your friends and other players. This is a fun twist where you should reach dominance on the board. Try to outsmart your opponent. Sum it Up also includes achievements and leaderboards.

During the game you will play using regular number blocks, negation blocks, bombs, lasers and more. You will try to match target sums and target products. The game also includes a number of boosts that you may use when you find yourself in tricky situations, shuffling, slow time, elimination and more. Try Sum it Up now for a puzzling experience.
The game features:
  • Classic mode
  • Drop-down mode
  • Elimination mode with more than 100 levels
  • Turn-based online games
  • Multiple boosts to help you in difficult situations
  • Game statistics
  • Sound effects
  • Achievements
  • Leaderboards

Sum it Up
Sum it Up
Sum it Up

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