Sudoku Puzzle
In Sudoku Puzzle you play the classical logic based number puzzle Sudoku where you given a number of clues should place the numbers 1 to 9 on a 9x9 grid such that each number appears exactly once in each row, once in each column and once in each 3x3 box. To your aid you have a numbers of clues (prefilled numbers). Given these there is exactly one solution to every Sudoku puzzle and you should try to find it as quickly as possible.
The game features:
  • 1600 Sudoku puzzles.
  • Six difficulty levels ranging from easy to brutal.
  • Highscore functionality that you can use to compete with yourself on each individual puzzle.
  • Statistics for each difficulty level.
  • Easy to use notes.
  • Simple Sudoku rule checking (highlighting of collisions).
  • Sound effects that can be turned on and off.
  • Resume game functionality (the 20 most recent games are stored).

Sudoku Puzzle
Sudoku Puzzle
Sudoku Puzzle

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