15 Solitaire
15 solitaire (or 15 puzzle solitaire) is a card solitary game where your goal is to arrange the cards according to value so that all cards with the same values ends up in the same pile. It may sound simple, but it is fun and quite tricky to solve. In the game you can select your preferred card table and card backside to get a more personal experience. You have access to statistics and highscore. In this card solitaire you need to plan ahead before making your moves. It is a nice challenge, try the 15 solitaire now.

When the solitaire starts, the cards are dealt to 13 piles, four cards per pile. Additionally, there are two empty piles that you may use to solve the puzzle. You should now start grouping the cards based on value so that you connect sequences of cards, ultimately ending up with four cards with the same value in each pile. You are allowed to drag sequences of cards to, but remember, each pile can only contain four cards and you therefore need to plan your moves wisely.

The game features:
  • Multiple card tables.
  • Multiple card backsides.
  • Highscore that you can use to compete with yourself.
  • Easy to drag cards.
  • Function to resume unfinished games.
  • Game statistics.
  • Sound effects that can be turned on and off.
  • A zoom function that can be used for zooming on small devices.
  • Adjustable card animation speed.
  • Achievements and leaderboard using Google Play Games.

15 Solitaire
15 Solitaire
15 Solitaire

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