Foreign Gravity
Get ready to land your spaceship in an alien environment. Foreign Gravity is a lunar lander type of game where your goal is to safely land your spaceship before you run out of fuel. In Foreign Gravity you also have missions to destroy enemy structures and move supplies between friendly bases. Your score will be higher if you complete your missions faster. The game features 60+ levels of increasing difficulty.

At the easier levels in the game, you should land your lander in a series of alien landscapes that provide a variety of challenges. As the difficulty increases you will discover fuel depots, cargo zones, enemy installations and enemy air defense. These and other buildings will be part of your missions in the latter parts of the game.

Take control of your spaceship and discover the alien moons, planets and installations of outer space in Foreign Gravity. You control your ship using only rotation and acceleration. Does it seem easy? It is more difficult than it sounds when you are affected by gravity! Are you ready to give it a go?
The game features:
  • 50+ levels of increasing difficulty.
  • Multiple mission types.
  • Friendly and hostile buildings.
  • A variety of challenging alien landscapes.
  • A variety of ship enhancements that can be purchased.
  • Game statistics.
  • Sound effects.
  • Functionality to resume unfinished games.
  • Tilt-based steering.

Foreign Gravity
Foreign Gravity
Foreign Gravity

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