Express Delivery
In Express Delivery your town citizens order gifts that they want delivered. In the game, gifts arrive by truck to the town post central and from there on they are distributed using dog sled teams. Your job is to deliver the gifts to your citizens so that they become happy.

You deliver gifts by dragging them from the dog sleds towards suitable houses. Observe however that not all houses desire all sorts of gifts, nor all colors of gifts. As the game progresses more gifts are unlocked. Moreover, you can have more active dog sled teams. And they do go faster as well.

Have a go at this casual game taking place in a wintery landscape, with houses, gifts, dog sleds and trucks. Can you deliver all the gifts on time?
The game features:
  • Multiple levels
  • Multiple gift types
  • Gift colors
  • Several power-ups
  • Sounds

Express Delivery
Express Delivery
Express Delivery

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