Canfield (also known as Canfields saloon) is a card solitaire where your challenge is to build a foundation that contains all 52 cards ordered in increasing order for each suit. It is fun and it may sound simple, but finishing this solitaire is more difficult than you might think. In the game you can choose from multiple card tables and card backsides so you can get a personal experience. You also have access to highscore and game statistics which you may use to improve your results. This is one of our favorite card solitaires, and we are convinced you will enjoy it too! Try it out now.

When the solitaire starts, thirteen cards are dealt to a reserve pile (only the top card is visible from the start) and four cards are dealt to four helper piles (one card to each pile). Moreover, a single card is dealt to the first foundation pile. This card sets the starting point for how you are allowed to construct the foundation since the remaining three foundation piles must start with the same value as the first. This is a difference between Canfield and the classical Klondike solitaire, where each foundation pile must start with an ace.

You are in the Canfield solitaire allowed to construct sequences of cards in decreasing order and with alternating color in the helper piles. For example, nine of hearts can be placed on ten of spades (or clubs) and five of spades can be put on six of hearts (or diamonds). Moreover, in the helper piles you are allowed to circle downwards, that is, you are allowed to put kings on aces when you construct your sequences. In the foundation you are allowed to circle upwards, that is, you may put aces on top of kings if they are of the same suit. Try Canfield now, it is fun!
The game features:
  • A number of card tables and a few different card backsides.
  • Highscore functionality that you can use to compete with yourself.
  • Game statistics.
  • Sound effects that can be turned on and off.
  • A zoom function that can be used for zooming on small devices.
  • Adjustable card animation speed.


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