Brick Aimer
Get your paddle into position, aim where to shoot, and then fire. Brick Aimer is an Arkanoid type of game where your goal is to destroy all the blocks and collect a number of keys without dropping the ball. Your score will be higher if you destroy all the blocks faster. The game features 60 levels of increasing difficulty.

At the easier levels you should destroy wooden boxes and sandstone blocks in addition to collecting coins and keys. As the difficulty increases your ball will move faster and you will face plate blocks, brick walls and granite stone. In the game you will also experience moving elevator blocks, portals that transport your balls and force fields that will affect the trajectory of your balls.

The game contains a number of power-ups: the burning ball, cloned ball, impact strength, increased paddle size, and more. The power-ups are dropped from destroyed blocks. You have a maximum of 3 cannonballs to destroy all blocks and finish a level. You should use the balls carefully since you have a limited supply of them in Brick Aimer. It is time to turn all these blocks into dust. Yes!
The game features:
  • 68 levels of increasing difficulty.
  • Multiple types of blocks.
  • Power-ups.
  • Optional gravity mode.
  • Game statistics.
  • Sound effects.
  • Functionality to resume unfinished games.
  • Moving blocks, portals and force fields.

Brick Aimer
Brick Aimer
Brick Aimer

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