Aces Up
Aces Up (idiot's delight, once in a lifetime, aces remain) is a fun and classical solitary card game where you should eliminate as many cards as possible from the card table. In a perfectly played patience, you only have aces remaining on the card table.

In this solitaire the cards are dealt four at a time to four different card piles. After deal you should try to eliminate as many cards as possible from the four piles. A card can be eliminated from a pile if the top card in any of the other piles is of the same suit and has a higher value. When no more cards can be eliminated, you deal four more cards to continue the elimination. You should aim at removing everything except the aces in as short time as possible and with as few actions carried out as possible.

The game has an optional small twist: you may use a temporary card slot two times in order to increase your chances of successfully finishing the game. Use it wisely.

The game features:
  • A number of card tables and a few different card backsides.
  • Highscore functionality that you can use to compete with yourself.
  • Game statistics.
  • Sound effects that can be turned on and off.
  • Adjustable card animation speed.
  • The option of playing with a memory slot.

Aces Up
Aces Up
Aces Up

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